Morning Word
I believe that when you have finally found that one person who wants to be your teammate in love and life, that is your soulmate. The person who can still see the beauty in you even when you feel like a mess. The person who won’t let you deal with problems on your own because they are right there holding your hand to walk with you through everything. Once you get to experience a person like this in your life, you will see why all of your other relationships never worked out. Once you finally get to experience someone who is completely devoted to your happiness, you will never worry about being let down or hurt again. The right one for you just has a way of reassuring you in ways that no one else can. It’s like they already know what you need before you even need it. It’s like they already know how to love you without even needing a blueprint. When you have someone by your side who you can grow with in life, that is the person you are meant to be with. When you have someone who will never abandon you or give up on you even when you are at your worst, that is the one you are meant to be with. This person is the one who deserves every inch of the love that you are capable of giving.


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