Morning Word
It’s not about finding someone who looks better than your ex. It’s not about finding someone who drives something better than your ex because things like that are irrelevant. The question is, does this new person I am deciding to be with make me feel better as an individual than the last person did? Do they add to my spirit and psyche in ways I have never felt before? Do they understand the concept of “Giving” better than most people who just want to take from my life? Do they silence my fears in a way that makes me feel like we can accomplish anything in the world together? Do they listen to understand or are they just listening to reply? Do they care about me spiritually and want to join me on my journey with getting closer with The Lord? Do I feel safe around them emotionally, physically and mentally? Are they someone I can build and manage a home with? Would they be a good role model for children to look up to? I could go on but the bottom line is, if the new person in your life raises you to be a greater human being, you already have what most people are dying to have in life. Don’t miss out on someone special, searching for someone superficial.


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