Morning Word
Starting over can be scary. One minute you have the rest of your life planned out with someone else, and then the next minute you are trying to figure out how to live your life without that person being a part of it. It’s hard coming to grips and understanding that all the memories you have made and all the time you have invested in someone, may all be over. Some of us have so many fears of letting go of a love that just isn’t working anymore. We fear that we will be alone for an extended amount of time. We fear that other people will perceive us as failures, even when they will never know all of the facts on why everything ended. We think about all of these negative things without even being able to see the true positive out of the situation which is, we can be happy again. We can get the weight of negative energy up off of us. We can get back to discovering our own inner beauty again and being more proud of who we are. Sometimes we can lose our identity trying to find a way to save a draining relationship. We have to keep in mind that our own personal happiness matters as well and not just the other person. We need to love who we are, before we can love someone else.


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