Morning Word
Somewhere Someone Feels Like…
“I only fight for relationships when there is still something worth fighting for. You threw in the towel in the 12th round, then had a change of heart and tried to pick it back up and fight for me and you again. Only problem is, I didn’t have another round left in Me. One thing about me is, when relationships are over I’m usually ok with that. No point in giving CPR to something that’s been dead a long time. When you are with me, I give you my all. But the moment you start treating me like I don’t exist to you, that’s usually when I start disappearing. Hard to keep someone’s attention when the magic is gone and the moment has already passed. My love ain’t the type of love that you can keep picking up and dropping whenever you feel the need to. When you start acting like you can’t see what you have in front of you, that’s usually when I begin helping you with your vision by walking away. And walking alone never phased me…”


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