Morning Word
Right now you may find yourself struggling with everything life is throwing at you. Someone broke up with you and took advantage of your kindness. A friendship you never saw changing, may have started going a different route. Maybe your money isn’t like you would want it to be right now. My message to you is, I promise if you weather these storms, you will blessed with something that will pull you out of your situation. The pain you feel will start to become more and more weaker. Your friendships with other people will either become stronger, or you will be given some sort of clarity so you can move on finally. And your money will increase in ways like you never thought it would long as you just stay the course and hang in there. Storms don’t last forever, but they are presented in our lives to test us, giving us a stronger resiliency. And if you make it through this storm you are in right now, I promise you there is a prize at the other end of your pain as long as you remain strong enough to get through it.


2 thoughts on “Life

  1. We go through trial and face storms sometimes t see how strong our faith is in God an also how strong we are as individuals. God allows us to face these struggles so that we may acknowledge that Him alone is God and through him everything is possible.

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