Morning Word
The better we get with being transparent with each other, the better off we’ll be as a couple in the long run. They say that true intimacy is letting someone see all the way into you, flaws and all. It’s opening up about painful experiences that you may have gone through. It’s talking about the things that scare you and the things that you have overcome. It’s showing someone who you are in love with what makes you weak and allowing them to be your strength where you fall short. It’s trusting someone with certain details of your life that you normally wouldn’t share with anyone else. It’s having the ability to be completely vulnerable in front of someone, and trusting that they’ll never look at you any differently or love you any differently because of that. We can’t hide behind these invisible emotional brick walls that we have put up forever. We both have to learn how to bring our walls down, so that we both can build a new home together filled with beautiful memories.


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