Morning Word
Don’t be discouraged because you haven’t met anyone suitable enough to start dating. You have to understand that how you love and the way you love, you just can’t be paired up with anyone. Don’t let being alone force you into the hands of someone who is committed to wasting your time. Don’t let being alone force you to deal with people who are not mentally and emotionally on the same level as you. It takes a diamond to recognize another diamond. As a woman, you have to wait for “The Man” that can recognize the beauty in your softness and how wonderful you can be in his life. He has to have a true understanding of the value a woman can bring. He has to be able to respect your time and more importantly respect you and all that you can offer as a loving helpmate. As a man, you have to wait on the woman who feels like your missing rib. You have to wait for “The One” who helps you breathe easier through the stress. Every woman will not be able to generate this feeling but there is definitely a woman out there tailor made for you who can. Whether you are a man or a woman, the two people I described above are definitely worth waiting for.


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