Morning Word
When love finds you again, embrace it. I know it’s a natural reaction to take off running. I know that sometimes you can’t help but think about all of the failed relationships you have been through and how much it has affected you in a negative way. But embrace love finding its way back to you again. Allow your heart a chance to finally rejoice in a happiness that you have never felt before. When we run away from love, in hindsight we are actually running towards the pain. Emotionally shutting ourselves off from the world will never make us happy. We function better when we allow love to work its way through us in a positive way. We become much more confident and courageous. We become much more compassionate and are able to do things for other people genuinely from the heart that we normally wouldn’t do. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually, we become healthier individuals because the right kind of love can help us grow in the areas that we are the weakest in. When love finds you again embrace it because you might be doing yourself a favor.


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