Morning Word
You are still the person someone is praying for one day. Being single is not a curse. It’s way better keeping to yourself and being happy than being with someone who doesn’t treasure and value you at all. Those are the worst relationships, when you keep giving and giving and giving and nothing changes in the other person’s attitude towards you. They make you feel like nothing you do will ever be enough. They make you feel alone and worthless. They might even take it a step further and show other people more love and attention than they do with you. Those kind of people are not the ones meant to love you. But someone who has been praying and waiting for you, will make everything that has to do with love a lot more easier. They won’t treat you like you are not important. They won’t put another person’s smile above yours. They won’t make it such a struggle for you two to be happy. They will complement your needs and your effort the same way that you do with them. That’s your teammate. That’s your life partner.


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