Morning Word
He had a way of making her feel completely comfortable. Every time she spent time around him, his presence gave her a certain kind of security. Then it got to a point where she just trusted herself to let go so she could enjoy where this man was taking her. He showed her that all men were not the same. He actually wanted to know how her day was. He wanted to know about the dreams she never chased. He wanted to know things like her favorite colors and her favorite TV shows. Every time they went out on a date, he planned things all the way out because her smile meant everything to him. Her conversations with him, gave her life. He knew how to mentally hold her attention when he spoke but he also knew how to listen quietly when she started opening up more. His touch sent a fire through her body she yearned for him to put out. His kiss had her on a cloud 9 she never wanted to come down from. This is when she started falling in love.


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