Morning Word
I get it. Once you have been hurt, it gets harder opening yourself back up to love again. All you can think about is someone taking advantage of you all over again. For some of us, our fear overrides our faith because we have been hurt very badly. We can’t trust meeting people who have genuine intentions because the last person who sold us that dream, ended up becoming our nightmare. And since most of us have a hard time separating ourselves from the past, in hindsight all we are really doing is putting our life on pause. Somehow we’ve gotten to the point of cutting ourselves off from the rest of the world. Somehow we’ve allowed our past experiences to have more power than it really should when it comes to living our lives. We have to keep in mind that “one closed chapter” doesn’t necessarily mean “a closed journey”. And as crazy as this may sound, there is still someone out there who is praying to have a person like you one day. There is still someone out there who wants to know the story behind all of your scars. There is still someone out there who can’t wait to give you the love that you deserve one day. But in order for that to happen, you have to begin moving forward with your life, and stop living everyday you wake up on pause.


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