Morning Word
Ladies, men were born to be hunters. We were born with this thing called testosterone, which makes us highly active and competitive. When a man on a mission comes across a woman with a purpose, she ignites a deeper fire within him. He becomes fueled with this burning passion to find out more about this woman. In his mind, he has to have her. He has to see what it is about this woman that drives him completely crazy (in a good way). Ladies, you were designed to be pursued by a man who could notice you in a room full of people. You were designed to be recognized and appreciated for the value that you can bring into a man’s life. You were designed to be loved, cared for and protected with the utmost respect. The man meant for you wont waste any time pursuing you the right way and locking you down. He will make it his mission to shut down any if not all competition. The man meant for you will go to war to protect you. That’s how passionate we are with the women that we love. Wait for the man who will sacrifice himself for you and go to war over you just to have your love. You are that special ladies.


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