Morning Word
Sometimes you get tired of being the one who makes someone better for the next person. Sometimes you just get tired of people coming into your life and not sewing positive things into you the same way that you do with them. Sometimes it feels like the harder you love, the easier it is for them to leave. You could spend years giving someone the very best parts of you and when the relationship ends, you’ll feel like you have nothing to show for it. You’ll feel like even though you two aren’t together anymore, they still came out winning on the other side. One of the hardest things to watch is another person reaping all of the benefits from the time and energy that you invested with the last person you were with. But that’s ok though. Sometimes you have to wish people the best even when they left you feeling the worst. Don’t block your blessings holding on to bitterness and anger because a certain relationship didn’t work out. The only reason why that particular relationship ended was because life had to remove them to bring you someone even better. Life has a way of making room for us to receive greater things right when we least expect them.


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