Morning Word
You will never find the love you need if you have not taken the proper time to validate yourself. Validating yourself takes time. You need time alone to maneuver through all of your doubts and all of your frustrations so you can make it to a place where you are proud of who you are. You need time alone to figure out; what makes you happy, what makes you sad and you need time understanding why. Once you have made it to a place of clarity and truly understanding your worth scars and all, then you are ready to set your sights on love. The goal is to find someone who reminds you of how much you already love yourself. Happiness comes from within. You cannot find what you need on the outside if you have not looked on the inside first. Loving yourself has a huge influence on whether or not you will ever have the right kind of love that you will need one day. Loving someone else will always take courage but, loving yourself first and foremost should always take priority.


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