You can try your hardest to work things out in a relationship. You can start over brand new. You can make a vow with each other to give more effort, show more love and be more respectful. You can do everything under the sun to try and prevent you and your significant other from failing but, you will never be able to fix picking the WRONG PERSON to work those things out with. If it isn’t meant to be, then 9 times out of 10 it will never be. Working things out depends a great deal on who you have picked to work those issues out with. You could be with someone for years and think that everything is fine but, beneath the surface that person still may never be as committed to keeping the relationship flowing in the right direction just like you. Some people are not planning on being in love with you tomorrow because it’s too much of a struggle lying to stay in love with you today. And it may not necessarily be something wrong with you. Sometimes, two people are just not a good fit for each other. Sometimes you break up with a person you never thought you would lose, just so you can finally find that person you never thought you would have.


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