Morning Word
Being in love means that you have to be committed to giving the other person effort and attention as well. It’s not something you do to fill the void when you are lonely. It’s not something you do when you are trying to get over someone and block the pain. For you to be in love, you honestly have to ask yourself what are you willing to give to help the relationship grow. It is not about someone finding you and stroking your ego while they wait on you hand and foot. Your heart has to be in the right place if you truly want to be in a meaningful relationship. Don’t form deep connections with people if you know deep down inside you have no intentions on being around for a long time. Pretending you are ready, is not the same as actually being ready. There will come a day when your commitment to the relationship will get tested, and if you are not truly ready to be in a relationship, you will fail that test with flying colors. I guess what I’m trying to say is, make sure you are ready before you think about entertaining someone else.


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