Morning Word
Too many people out here want to be in a relationship “just because”. Sad thing when you are out here looking for love, and don’t even know what the hell you are looking for. Are you looking for someone to give you attention or someone who can help elevate your existence? Have you taken the proper time to honestly go over what and how much you can give someone once they enter your life? Don’t ask for the blessing and treat it like a burden when it gets here. Don’t ask for someone strong enough to stand their ground if you’re always the one running away. Search your heart for what love feels like to you. Wait on someone who can make you feel like you would be missing out if you didn’t take a chance with them in your life. Have a list of qualities that you look for in a person, so that when you go out in the world you are not just picking anyone up off the shelf. And be patient. Just because you want it, it doesn’t mean that you are ready for all of the hard work, effort and responsibilities that comes with maintaining a healthy relationship with someone else.


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