Morning Word
There is something very exciting about a man being able to mentally stimulate a woman. The kind of man that doesn’t live behind his phone but actually picks it up to call the woman he is interested in so he can hold a beautiful conversation with her. Anyone can talk a good game through text messages because text messages are safe. It allows you time to think and respond perfectly instead of naturally responding from impulse. But when it comes to being on the phone with a woman, when you can listen and respond to her and establish a certain flow with her, it helps build a greater rapport. Her being able to hear your voice, allows her to be able to put a voice to the man she can grow more interested in. You can speak into her spirit and leave her with little jewels that will have her looking forward to the next phone conversation. She starts to think about your voice all day, and begins to wonder what you two will talk about next. I guess what I’m trying to say is, the good ones still enjoy a good phone conversation. And it’s better for her to anticipate hearing your voice than for her to anticipate reading your text.


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