Morning Word
You can’t force someone else to appreciate what is special about you. You shouldn’t have to keep selling yourself just so another person can finally take you serious. Let your interest in another person come with a fair time frame. Don’t run away before giving it a real chance, but don’t stick around too long trying to hold onto something that may never happen. Preserve the dignity of your love. You know who you are and who you can be for someone else who is open to receiving everything that is special about you. In my 31 years of living I’ve learned one thing. My presence is a gift, but it is not my responsibility to force other people to open me. And the same thing goes for you too. You want someone actively interested in you the same way that you are with them. If it isn’t mutual, it isn’t doable. You’ll get tired of trying to hold their attention, and they’ll get tired of pretending like they actually want it.


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