Morning Word
A hard working man with an honest job should never be looked down upon. He may not be the CEO you want him to be right now, but he will never get there any sooner or much less think that it is even possible, if you keep stripping him of his dignity and how he earns a living. Ladies don’t emasculate a man because life has blessed you with a better situation. Sometimes it is so hard to please you. First a man will get talked about badly for not having a job, now he won’t get respected for having a certain kind of job. If you see a good man taking care of his own without one complaint, salute that man. And if you want him to be the kind of man that runs a company one day, encourage that man instead of running him off because he doesn’t make as much as you do. But whatever you do, please don’t beat him up or look down upon him when all he is trying to do is put a smile on your face and survive out here.


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