Morning Word
You can’t keep living in the past reflecting on things that you cannot change. Living in the past too much will distract you from living towards the future. Make peace with the fact that your love just isn’t meant for everyone. Just because you make plans for them to be in your life forever, that doesn’t mean that deep down inside they actually plan on staying around that long. People will run away from you now when it gets too serious and make plans to stay when you both aren’t headed anywhere. Everyone can’t handle that forever kind of love. That kind of love that takes work to stay together through the toughest storms. Never beg someone to stay in your life who doesn’t even care about walking out of it. Never fret over people who can’t see the value in you and the value in your love. The world is filled with people wanting the same type of love that you want. Your love can still be a blessing to someone else feeling like a burden.


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