Morning Word
You will never have to worry about me losing sight of what we have when it comes to me and you. From the very first day you have had my full attention. I think it’s sad when people take their eyes off of their blessing not knowing that they may never experience someone so great ever again in life. Taking your eyes off of someone special for a split second, can have you regretting not paying attention when they were right in front of you. Sometimes I’ll stare at you like beautiful art drawn by people whose names I’ll never be able to pronounce. Sometimes I’ll look at you while you look at the sun and reflect on how much you’ve given my life light when all I knew before you was darkness. I never wanted to be the person that gained wisdom at the expense of losing someone I know I could never replace. I always wanted to be the type of person who cherished a blessing the very first day I got it, and then looked for new ways to appreciate it everyday.


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