Morning Word
“It’s one thing to break up with someone because you two just don’t get along together. But it’s a much different thing to rip yourself away from someone else’s life with no explanation at all when you know that person has helped you get yourself back on your feet. It gets frustrating when the only people you keep running into are those who want to steal pieces of your soul. The type of people who hide the hell they are going through long enough so they can switch places with you and enjoy your heaven. People are out here preying on good hearts because they know, “Most good hearts will try to solve problems that are not their responsibility.” Either you’re getting exploited for financial gain or you’re getting used for emotional stability. Someone else breaks their heart, and instead of them putting their own pieces back together again, they borrow yours and never give it back. This is why a lot of us are closed off from experiencing love out of the fear of this happening again.”


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