Morning Word
“There is power in the tongue, and the words you speak can shape your universe. People with the nastiest mouths, usually live the most unfulfilled lives. When you say things like; “I’ll never get this promotion, I’ll never graduate college, I’ll never get the house I wanted, I’ll never own the car of my dreams” and so forth, You shoot down every possibility of God being able to grant you the blessings your heart desires. People have to keep in mind that, just because it’s not your season, That doesn’t mean that it’s still not your year. It would be a shame if God spoke to you in your dreams and told you he was close to making your dreams come true, But he didn’t because you quit 2 days before your season started. Stay your course. Stay on track. Don’t get weary in well doing. For all you know you could be a day away from your life changing.”


2 thoughts on “Your words shape your universe

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