Morning Word
“Communication is one of the most vital parts of any relationship. We all speak English but, We all speak different languages. We all use the same words but, We all differ in terms of how we use them in context. It takes time learning your partner’s language, And it takes time for them to understand your’s as well. A lot of times couples will get into arguments with each other, Simply over a minor miscommunication. What another person said may not have been received properly because their mate couldn’t articulate and understand their language fully. The best way for you and your mate to understand each other’s language is to talk with a tongue of love and listen with a heart of understanding. Don’t just listen to reply, But listen to digest their words in your spirit. So many couples shotgun being in relationships and moving to fast without even understanding the importance of being able to understand each other’s language. Your relationship transitions better when you understand how to listen to each other and respond to each other. And you can’t assume the two of you understand each other just because you both understand English. There is a big difference between understanding English and Understanding your mate’s language. ”


2 thoughts on “Understanding Your Mate’s Language

  1. This is sooo true. Going to marriage counseling was like finding an interpreter lol. I would say one thing and hubby heard something completely different. It was kind of shocking how much it helped us REALLY LISTEN AND HEAR.


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