Morning Word | What He Never Told You
He Said…”In the beginning you were a different woman. Back then the thought of seeing you sent me back to feeling like a kid the night before the first day of school. I had always looked forward to seeing you. But then things changed. Or more than that, Maybe we both did. I started noticing that you wasn’t putting as much effort into me anymore. I started seeing you casually appreciating me a lot less, While still demanding that I give you all of me. I started seeing how your conversations with guys that you told me were “Just Friends” grew deeper and deeper. Then you started keeping things from Me. And to be honest, I did too. But the difference between you and I was, You did it because you never intended on giving our relationship a chance, And I did it because I was still trying to. I never told you how friends and family members were all betting against you and me to fail. I never told you about the countless times I got on my knees praying to God that you would wake up one day and get “Your” shit together. But you never did. Because I kept shit together for both of us for so long that it grew to be exhausting. Doing that placed a handicap on your growth. You couldn’t be the woman I needed you to be because our relationship didn’t require a true demand of it. The love I had framed, Took you completely out of the picture. Either that or maybe I really wasn’t in love. Maybe I was just trying to prove to everyone else that I really was even if we both really wasn’t…”
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration


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