Morning Word | What He Read In Her
When he picked up your book and started reading you, It was like he already knew you. You were the unsung lyrics written on his heart that he had been waiting his whole life to hear. The more he read, The more you opened up his spirit. It’s so natural for us to live comfortable behind our invisible brick walls protected from everyone. But reading your story, Begun the process of taking his bricks down. And the things past men took for granted with you, Were the things he had been praying and waiting for. And when you shared your scariest and darkest stories with him the world never knew, It was like a light went off. As a bond was being established, A connection was developing stronger. Because a person can be in a relationship with someone for years, And at the end of that relationship it’ll hurt them knowing that the other person never even knew them the entire time. But when you both started reading pages from each other, It was like a sigh of relief. Because for once in your life, You both actually fell for someone who didn’t feel like a stranger to you…
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration


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