Morning Word
That’s just life. Everyone you decide to be with may not be the one. There are two days that you can’t prepare yourself for. The day someone decides to change on you. And the day someone shows you who they really are. All you can do is put your best foot forward and love with an open heart. Yeah you may get hurt, But that’s a risk that we all take. The only way pain last eternally is if YOU allow it to. You still have the power to heal and make yourself brand new again and learn from your experiences. And if God was trying to give you a sign to exit a relationship that wasn’t beneficial for you, And you chose to overlook that, Then live with the consequences. Our disappointment stems from giving too many of the wrong people a chance, But let the right one love you and I bet you your whole world would change. I bet you start falling in love with the idea of being in love. I bet the pains you been through will become a distant memory and happiness will find its way to the forefront of your mind. Sometimes the people we pick, Are not who God chose for us. And if that’s the case, That means that better is always out there….
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration


3 thoughts on “Pain & Happiness

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts! Everyday I look forward to what you are going to write about. It’s so crazy because it’s like you know everything I’m going through and feeling! Like God is sending me messages through your writing. I love it and please keep it up! They bring me such great joy when I read them. And I wanted you to know you have people out here reading them everyday. Thank you! – Elisha


    1. Awwww thank you so much for the love. It definitely is humbling to hear those words. I can’t thank you and everyone else enough for taking the time to read my words. I just let God use me to put these words out. Your support means the world to me it really does and messages like this are the ones that keep me working hard at what I do. Thank you so much!


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