Morning Word
Struggle was designed to make you appreciate your rewards. If you were handed everything you ever wanted in life without experiencing pain throughout the process you wouldn’t truly value what you have. You wont truly value a good lover until you’ve been through a few bad ones. You won’t truly value a good job until you’ve had a few terrible ones. And you wouldn’t be able to truly value the blessings headed your way, If you didnt experience the burdens present in your life right now. When you’re on the journey from pain to glory, You learn lessons you wouldn’t be able to if things were just handed to you. God has got some great things and great people lined up for you in your life, But He needs to make sure that He can trust that you’ll appreciate them first. And when your headed for glory you learn the value of appreciation.
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration

Thank you for reading.


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