Morning Word
You will be surprised how free your spirit moves when you have cut all ties with negativity and draining people. I read this morning that when a bunch of apples are stored together, There are a few apples that give off this chemical called Ethylene. Ethylene is a hormone chemical that affects the cells in other fruit and causes deterioration. It breaks down the fruit and causes it to die a lot faster. And that’s the same way negative and draining people work. If you keep yourself stored around these people for too long, They will give off negative chemicals that will become counterproductive to your growth and maturity. They will become draining. They will suck the freshness right out of you. Their broken down spirit will try to find a way to break down your’s next. If you are going to be around people, Make sure it’s the people giving off the good chemicals that will push you even further into your calling or passion. Be around positivity and people filled with purpose.
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration

Thank you for reading.


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