Morning Word No.2
People always want the finished product of a diamond, But no one wanted to be around that diamond when it was just a rock going through the rough. If you had an opportunity to love someone before they stepped and elevated into who God wanted them to be and didn’t take it, You may have missed your moment. Diamonds recognize other diamonds long before their transition towards shine and brightness takes place. This is why people say if you cant handle me at my worst, Then you dont deserve me at my best. Folks need to know that your love for them is pure and unconditional, And not just some twisted selfish fantasy that you are trying to play out from the inner most private thoughts of your mind. See, When you are around someone through their rough, You are subconsciously giving them reassurance that your love will always be everlasting and that it will never be based off of fickle conditions. Love someone through their rough, And I promise you they will never forget you when they start shining.
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration

Thank you for reading.


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