Morning Word,
You used to tell your lady how you felt about her without her even needing to ask you. You used to open her car door, Open her mind and open her soul before you even tried opening her legs. You used to brighten her day before the storm came, Now you could careless about how she makes it through the weather. Her smile used to be your priority, Now you only make her smile when it’s convenient for you. Guys, We have to stop taking the backseat role when it comes to our women and our relationships. You cant be screaming you the head of the house and how you want her to respect you, But emotionally and physically let her carry the whole relationship by herself. If you want to be the head of everything, Then truly be that. Be the head of making her happy. Be the head of being romantic. Be the head of her support system. Be the head of every positive area in her life.
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration

Thank you for reading.


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