Morning Word
When a man truly understands the importance of having one woman under his care, He will spend less time trying to be “The Man” in front of his boys and more time trying to be “A Man” for God. You can’t be a King over multiple women. True royalty comes when one King finds one Queen and they start building a dynasty together. If God wanted Man to be with multiple women, He would have removed more than one rib from Adam in the book of Genesis. One rib is all a man need. One Queen that will help him breathe easier when he is running out of air. It’s a man’s job to find the best woman who will help him exhale easier in life. And it’s a woman’s job to be selective about which man she decides to breathe her air into. Ladies, Stop breathing air into men who can’t even recognize the importance of having you as his rib.”
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration

Thank you for reading.


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